About Us The History of Lindmark!

Trent Lindmark

Trent Lindmark, owner of Lindmark Outdoor Media, started in the sign business in 1993 with his grandfather in Amarillo, Texas. Trent did everything from constructing the billboards to painting the advertisements, back when billboards were primarily wooden structures with painted faces. Since that time, Trent has been actively building and acquiring billboard companies and their assets.

After leaving business with his grandfather with virtually no money in hand, Trent built Lindmark Outdoor Advertising, LLC from nothing to over 1,800 faces. Trent grew the company so rapidly by captaining a very aggressive build and acquisition campaign. During his time as owner of Lindmark Outdoor Advertising, LLC, Trent also streamlined the business and maintained extremely high quality control by bringing all billboard fabrication and vinyl printing in-house. In so doing, he founded Lindmark Digital Printing. At the time of the sale of the business, Lindmark Digital Printing was printing all advertising vinyl for Lindmark Outdoor Advertising, LLC's 1,800 faces and for over 100 other customers.

Since the sale of Lindmark Outdoor Advertising, LLC in 2008, Trent started building a new billboard company by purchasing Blue Sky Outdoor in 2011. Since that purchase, Trent has expanded his business considerably through locating additional leaseholds and easements for construction of new billboards, as well as by acquiring existing billboard companies and their assets.

In an effort to provide Lindmark's advertising customers with the best quality product, 2014 saw the creation of Blue Sky Digital Printing. Having done it before, Trent was well versed in building a digital printing company from the ground up; he has done so again. Trent has grown Blue Sky Digital Printing to such an extent that it is now printing advertising vinyl for customers other than itself. Indeed, Blue Sky Digital Printing now has the capacity to print over 1.5 Million square feet of advertising vinyl per month and is bringing new customers onboard virtually every single day.

In 2016, since the assets from the sale of Lindmark Outdoor Advertising, LLC were no longer tagged with the Lindmark name, Trent had the opportunity to change the name of his company from Blue Sky Outdoor Advertising to Lindmark Outdoor Media. This presented a chance to once again able to use his own name and capture the recognition that won him and his company 8 Oklahoma City Metro 50 awards for business growth and success and a Ben Frizzell Media Award for outstanding floodplain management related media coverage in Oklahoma.

2016 also brought about the successful acquisition of all assets of Newman Outdoor Advertising of New Mexico, Inc. With this acquisition, Lindmark Outdoor Media nearly doubled in size. In 2018, Lindmark acquired the New Mexico assets of Look Outdoor Media, Baum Outdoor Advertising, and Assign Outdoor Media. Lindmark also grows organically by adding over 50 new locations each year. Lindmark Outdoor Media now has over 1,800 faces in its inventory with considerable outdoor media coverage. It is the largest and fastest growing, independent billboard company in Oklahoma and New Mexico and the top 15 in the US.

Of course, Trent's success is due not just to him. Trent and his company are a success in large part to Lindmark's incredible and talented staff and employees. Trent's love and dedication to outdoor media is infectious, leading his staff and employees to become as devoted to the business as he is. As a great leader, he inspires loyalty and dedication in his staff and employees, many of whom have been with Trent for over 10 years. They strive daily to ensure Lindmark Outdoor Media and Blue Sky Digital Printing's customers are treated with the utmost quality and care. If you don't know that level of excellence, then you should. Give Lindmark Outdoor Media and Blue Sky Digital Printing a try, and you'll understand and become a lifelong friend and valued customer.