About Us Core Values

We here at Lindmark hold certain principles and values to heart in our personal and business lives. From our dealings with family and friends to our dealings with our team members, customers, landowners, lender, suppliers, shippers, and all of our other stakeholders, we seek to hold ourselves to the highest of standards. While we are human and sometimes fall short of our goals, we want to share these values with you and hope you see them within us and our dealings with you. And, should we fall short of any of these values, please bring these shortfalls to our attention so that we may immediately address them.

  • Integrity: strive to always do the right thing; be honest; never lie.
  • Stewardship: continually look for ways to improve profitability and sustainability.
  • Service: give our customers the best service and work hard to make a fair relationship.
  • Persistence: be persistent in keeping with an entrepreneurial attitude.
  • Responsibility: own mistakes; take responsibility for and learn from them.
  • Respect: treat everyone with respect.
  • Partnership: treat all stakeholders as partners.